Question: Who can search the record?
Answer: Any person whose name is entered into land record since 1985 and onward may be able to view his/her land record
Question: Record of which district is available?
Answer: Data of all the Districts and most of the Dehs of Sindh is available in this facility
Question: What kind of records are available?
Answer: Currently there are three types of records available:
  • Village Form II (Urban Property Register which is usually related to small cities of Sindh)
  • Village Form VII-A (Rewriting/ Reconstruction of Record - Mainly Agricultural Land)
  • Village Form VII-B (Agricultural Land/ Mutation Register)
Question: Why is this application providing limited information of Land Record?
Answer: Keeping in view the privacy of land owners, a limited data of your Land Record is made available which informs you that your record is available with us in a specific location.
Question: How can I obtain complete information?
Answer: You can visit the nearest Peoples Service Center located in the premises of the office of Deputy Commissioner to get the printed computerized copy of your land record. A list of functional Service Centers along with the contacts of the Service Center officials is provided at the "Search Result" page and also available at:
Question: What if I find error or spelling mistakes in my record?
Answer: If you have any complaint/ question or corrections to suggest, please feel free to contact us at:
Question: Is there any fee for downloading this Mobile Application?
Answer: No. This Mobile Application is free and the information it contains is also free to use.
Question: Why is the record of other land owning agencies like KDA, KMC, etc. not available here?
Answer: Land owning agencies other than the Board of Revenue Sindh have their own system of maintaining the record. Efforts are underway to bring that information on this portal soon
Question: My land record is old and NIC was not used at that time. How do I search by record?
Answer: There is a simple solution which will be introduced soon:
  • Please visit your nearest Peoples Service Center to obtain the copy of your Revenue Record
  • The officials of the Service Center will associate your latest CNIC number/ fingerprints and photographs with your land record
This will increase the security of your land record and also make it searchable through our database search facilities